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As of April 2016, John Deere has limited the availability of the row crop ripper used on the front of our original machine.

If you have purchased a machine from us prior to April 2016, please be advised that it may take up to four months to get replacement parts for the front plows. We will do our best to have some parts on hand, so please contact us if you need parts.

Please note that our pages currently reflect our Original model components. All machines built after April 2016 will use different parts than those currently shown. We will update this site as soon as possible with current pictures and descriptions. Thank you.

McIlravy Mesh Machines are a unique design, built from the ground up, using the best parts and materials.

Our quality is unsurpassed. Our mesh machines are strong, durable, and will last you for years and years.

Floating Roll Features

Our design forces the fabric roll to float along the ground, matching the terrain, and ensuring that the fabric stays tight. We have developed a setup that makes changing rolls, and changing rows, easier. Remove one bolt, slide off the end bracket, replace the roll, slide the bracket back on, insert the bolt, and you're ready to go. If you are at the end of a row, just lift the roll, secure the chains, lift the machine, and turn.

Field-Tested Design

We have been building or modifying machines for the last twenty years. We have laid over 200,000 feet of fabric at dozens of sites. We have worked at sites with less than perfect conditions as well as those that are a fabric installer's dream. Our design reduces the need for shoveling, and adjustments are few and simple. We even provide instructions on how to adjust the machine to get the best installation possible.

Versatile Machine Built With Stock Parts

We know first-hand what hard ground can do to a mesh machine. We have built our machine heavy enough to handle most conditions, yet light enough that it can be pulled by any size tractor. By using stock John Deere parts, we ensure that repairs can be done quickly and easily. We continually update our machine based on feedback from customers.

We have developed a unique system for covering the edges of installed fabric. Our setup includes a John Deere 955 row-crop ripper with a conservation sweep to dig a trench for the fabric edge.


Our spring-loaded fabric guide wheels are adjustable to ensure proper seating of the fabric edge in the trench. We use standard wheels and add springs that allow our mesh machines to float along the ground. The wheel positions are adjustable, so that the wheels push the edge of the fabric into the trench.

Finally, the rear dual disc system replaces and adds dirt to cover the trench and secure the mesh. We use two 11" discs on each side to maximize coverage of fabric edge and closure of the trench.


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