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Pull-type planter

 $8,500 *


3-pt planter

$7,500 *


* Prices are approximate

Prices subject to change without notice due to steel prices. Please call or e-mail for quote to lock price for 30 days.


Half-down, balance due upon delivery or at pick-up.

(Exception to above for US Government bids.)

South Dakota law requires us to collect sales tax on purchase price and shipping if picked up in or delivered in SD unless tax exempt.


Usually 30 days from receipt of deposit EXCEPT during March/April. Call for availability.


Delivery is available within 300 miles of Philip, SD. Call  605-859-2398 for pricing.

Trucking will be billed at actual cost. A tractor or other implement will need to be available for unloading.

Pick-up can be arranged at your convenience, and will include instruction on use of machine(s) purchased.


Customized Just for You!


Dimensions: 56" wide; up to   90" long

Frame: 2" x 4" x ¼" tubing

Planting shoe: 12" deep, 2"   wide, and 14" long

Coulter: 20"

Pneumatic packing wheels

Rear facing seats (2)

Rubber 30 gallon planting   buckets (2)

Options (not included in   price):

o Scalper (pictured at    bottom left)

o Row markers

Pull-type Details

Wheel system

Hydraulics to raise and lower planter

3-point Details

Depth gauge wheels (below)

Class II hitch

Do you want to plant in sod or no-till ground?

We offer full customization. We can match your methods, soil types and conditions, and your equipment. We will do our best to build a machine or planter to suit your operation.

How can we help you do your job better? Contact us!